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So, you bought it brand new Crown 365 official App fishing rod You're ready to take aim at some giantThe official App of Crown 365Yes -- but first you need a catchThe official App of Crown 365The scroll of. There are many different kindsThe official App of Crown 365Reels, including fixed spool, freespool, bait fishers and large pond reels - all are for fishingThe official App of Crown 365The perfect tool, and each one has its own specific purpose. To help you choose the ideal one for your needs and budgetThe official App of Crown 365Reel, Fishing Net put together this useful guide.

When you look at any slide, the first thing to consider is the material used to make it. This is never truer than when you want to invest in a quality film because its material affects its weight, durability, and performance. As a general rule of thumb, you want to invest in a lightweight reel, which provides high strength or high rigidity. This will ensure that your reel will sit perfectly on your rod while also being able to fight an uphill battle against any fish. Materials used in modern reels include graphite, carbon and magnesium. Each manufacturer will use their own specially designed materials. The top scroll of the JubilanoFor example, use Ci4 on their bodies and spool. This is the Jubilano fishing team from thatThe official mobile App of the CrownThe bicycle department borrowed the material, which they believe is the lightest and strongest material on the market today.

相反, Large sum volume Use air metal engineering and Zaion magnesium based materials. 该The official mobile App of the CrownIt also claims that it is its lightest and strongest material. Reels using these specially designed materials tend to cost more than reels using carbon composite and graphite materials - although this is not to say that carbon composite and graphite reels cannot do the item's job. In fact, the vast majority of reels you encounter have carbon or graphite bodies, all of which are beloved by the nation's top anglers.

The rigidity of the reel and the durability of the spool are the two most important things to consider, no matter what material the reel is made of. A reel with a rigid body will hold all the internal parts in place, even when the reel is being pulled tight by a fierce fighting fish, allowing you to exert maximum force through the reel handle. You will often find spools made of aluminum. This is because aluminum is both light and wear-resistant, ensuring that it can withstand the constant rotational friction it undergoes. However, frame and spool materials are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a high quality oneThe official App of Crown 365The construction of the scroll.

The reel's gears and rotors play a huge role in the quality of your fishing reel. On the frame and body of the car,The official mobile App of the CrownGo for durability. With rotors and transmissions, precision is the real name of the game. In fact, the precision with which the rotor and gear are connected often determines the durability of these components. Mismatched gearing not only leads to poor results, but it can also cause premature wear on these important internal components. The precision of these components will also affect the starting power of your reel. If you're an angler looking to catch big fish in fast-moving waters, then you'll need a reel with starter capability to handle those situations. The gear ratio will give you some idea of how much line your reel is able to recover with each handle turn.

Another thing to consider is whether the reel has bearings. Whether these are ball bearings, protective bearings, corrosion resistant bearings, or roller bearings, these are designed to reduce friction within the reel. Friction is one of the biggest causes of drum wear, especially if any grit or dirt manages to make its way into the roll, as this will exacerbate the process. However, bearings not only increase the life of your reel, but they also help with reel operation. The reduction in friction creates a smoothly running scroll, making casting more consistent and retrieving fewer battles. If you want a smooth reel, then, the general rule of thumb tends to be that the more bearing reels there are, the better it will run. An additional bearing you may find, especially on stationary reels that provide free reel functionality, is the anti-spin bearing. Sometimes called one-way bearings or clutch bearings, this will prevent the handle from experiencing any reward back play, aiding retrieval.

Another important feature to note when investing in reels is line laying. Line laying is the way the line spool is placed on the roll, the ideal roll will provide you with even and consistent line laying. After all, fishing line and reel go hand in hand, and it's only with the right reel that you can use the reel to its full potential. The laying of the line has a great influence on the casting distance the drum can reach, as well as the casting accuracy. A reel with even line laying can add extra feet in your cast - this is a necessary consideration for distance anglers who prefer far edges and large open water targets.

When you fishThe official App of Crown 365There is one main type of scroll to consider, which is divided into three categories. This type of master scroll is called a fixed scroll, although it is sometimes referred to as a spinning scroll. This is a very versatile reel type that can be used to great effect across fishing disciplines. Confusingly, you'll also find that some fixed reel reels can provide the functionality of free scrolls - more on those later - known as decoy stream reels. The third type of drum is the big pit drum. This is basically an oversized stationary scroll. Able to hold more line in place than the classic fixed spoolThe official App of Crown 365Big pit reels were originally invented for sea fishing before anglers realized their long-range casting potential.

There are lots of stationary reels and you can get the one you want for between 25 and 800 pounds. As always, when you fish forThe official App of Crown 365When budgeting, it's worth bearing in mind that anglers will typically fish with three rods and reel in their setup - so any number you see will need to be multiplied by three.

Fixed scrolls are easy to identify as they hangThe official App of Crown 365Below the rod, there is a handle on one side - the side you install the handle on will depend on which hand is your dominant. It should be noted that most anglers will cast the hook with their dominant hand and turn the hook with the weaker hand, so, if you write with your right hand, then you should look for a reel with the handle on the left. It is worth noting that you can also get two of a single handle. This is largely down to personal preference, with some anglers claiming that a double handle is more balanced, while others feel that a single handle is easier to turn.

No matter what kind of fixed reel reel you use, you need to be aware of the resistance it provides. The main choice you will face is backdrag or front drag. These refer to the position of the drag dial on the reel. In general, rear resistance is considered easier to operate because the drag dial is close to the handle, so you don't need to move your hand to change the drag when you're playing fish. In recent years, however, front tow systems have become more popular. This is because they are used in tandem with a free reel feature - operated by a rear lever that you can switch to start or lift resistance. Often called a bait run system, this allows the fish to follow the hook once they have eaten your bait. When you activate it, the drag system based on the drag Settings comes into play. It's an increasingly popular system. The high-end reel will also provide an ultra-fast drag - this allows you to switch between zero and full drag in less than half a turn of the drag dial.

Fixed reels are classified by size. These are between 1's,000年,3,500 for 卷 on the smaller end of the spectrum (ideal for targeting small fish at short distances); 4,000 - 5,500 for 卷 in the mid range (ideal for average sized waters 而且 fish); 而且 anything exceeding 6,000 is known as the big scroll (the big one suitable for big waters)The official App of Crown 365). In general, British fishingThe official App of Crown 365People will choose a medium or large reel as these allow you to enjoy the vast majority of fishing in the UKThe official App of Crown 365场所. If you want to fish from a distance, then you will want to invest in a large pit reel. These are rated for 10,000 or more and are intended to hold a large number of lines. This allows you to throw extremely long distances -- especially when paired with a 13-foot rod and a 50mm docking guide. It is important to note that the reels rating system is not universal, a 6000 Yamato reels are not always similar in size to 6000 Shimano reels, manufacturer rate reels are independent.

Over the years, the Big pit reel has grown in popularity as long-distance fishing has increasingly become modernThe official App of Crown 365The way forward for anglers. The scrolls have benefited from great technological advances since their original design. However, the biggest improvement seen in these scrolls is their size. It turned out that the Big pit reel not only had a huge spool, but also a body to match it. Today's Big pit reel is significantly smaller, still offering an oversized spool, but matching it with a shrunken body. This ensures that anglers do not face storage problems, as large pit reels are notoriously difficult to store on the sleeve and composite rods in the sleeve. In the same way, Luggage for fishing crucian carp Has been adapted to this new range of very large blocks and rod sleeves and brackets that are now usually designed to be able to accommodate these larger reels.

The official mobile App of the CrownThere are a variety of them at direct fishing shopsThe official App of Crown 365Fishing line reel. They include some of the most famous in the worldThe official App of Crown 365捕捞The official mobile App of the CrownFish roll. The official mobile App of the CrownYamato and Shimano have already been mentioned -- both tackle giants from Japan -- but that's justThe official mobile App of the CrownThe tip of the iceberg of high-end fish rolls in stock. If you've just started fishing, By William Shakespeare Is a big with a popular starter toolThe official mobile App of the Crown吗. Sonik The official App of Crown 365A new name for the fishing industry, but it's already making waves in fuel rods, rolls, and bankware. In fact, all those inThe official App of Crown 365The big names for fishing all have their own reel range, including 狐狸 而且 纳什. With a range of prices to choose from, you can choose reels that suit not only your needs but also your budget.

If you have any further questions about any scroll inThe official mobile App of the CrownPlease do not hesitate with the scopeThe official mobile App of the CrownContact the customer service team. The team are avid anglers themselves and will often be able to give you information based on their first-hand experience. All their contact information is available atThe official mobile App of the CrownFound on the dedicated customer service page.

One of the areas of fishing that has benefited the most from technological developments is Crown 365 official App fishing 卷. To save you time at the bank, the market is constantly working to develop lighter weight and higher strength performance parts.

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There are many different kindsThe official App of Crown 365Reels, including fixed spool, free spool, bait fish traps and large pond reel - all are for fishingThe official App of Crown 365The perfect tool, and each one has its own specific purpose. The type of reel you choose depends entirely on your preferred fishing style. If you're not sure, you can always go to your local direct fishing shop for more guidance! To learn more aboutThe official App of Crown 365For information on fishing reel types and components, please read A special guide to fishing reel It's on the Fishing Direct blog. 

Like all fishing tools, there are only a fewThe official mobile App of the CrownIs pushing the limits of reel technology and amazing specifications. In the mainThe official App of Crown 365Fishing reelThe official mobile App of the Crown包括; XimanoYamato, Sonic, Focus and 纳什. If you want high quality without breaking the bank, check out the Advantaged line reel!

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