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They say the artist is as good as his paintbrush - the official Crown mobile App says anglers are as good as their fishing line. Without a line that suits your style of fishing, you can't expect to increase your success rate and catch those elusive prey. Is that why angling companies have been working tirelessly to bring together a market-leading line of fishing products and accessories that cover all fishing styles and all budgets. 

Whether you're looking for a Crown 365 official App fishing line, targeting personal best fish or you're on a Predator line for clever bait sport, you can rest assured that the Crown Official mobile App has just what you're looking for. Remember that lines can become tired after multiple seasons, especially those that are malleable and have memory, therefore it is important to change the line you use from year to year in order to get the best product from your product. The Crown official mobile App also stocks a range of fly line designs with fly fishing in mind and these features in their own dedicated category.

皇冠官方手机App的范围具有几十个线和线类型从世界上最重要的权威在该领域, 每一个都是由皇冠官方手机App的内部专家团队亲自挑选和批准的. 每个家喻户晓的名字都会出现,包括 Korda, X Line, Daiwa and so many more besides. 正确的路线真的能够并且将会在世界上产生巨大的影响, 皇冠官方手机AppThe goal is to stock only the best - whatever your choice, you are getting the highest quality value line the market can offer. 

Which is the Best Fishing Line? 

There are three main types of line, and each has its pros and cons, depending on the type of fishing you're interested in. Below is a quick breakdown of the main advantages and disadvantages of each line type to help you choose the perfect line for your needs.

Monofilament Line

单丝是迄今为止最受欢迎的钓鱼线类型跨越学科. 它也是最古老的现代线条类型. It has a plethora of benefits which, in the eyes of some anglers, puts it well ahead of the competition. However, in other fishing scenarios, these benefits can also be seen as disadvantages, so it is best to think about the style of fishing you want and the effect of your line before choosing the most popular method.

What is Mono Fishing Line Good for?

单丝线的第一个好处是它的成本. 这是一条容易的生产线,因为它只使用一股尼龙在其结构. Its natural color is translucent, so, if you're targeting skittish fish, then monofilament is a good choice. This also means that it is easy to stain, too, and as a result, it comes in a wide variety of colours that can be mixed with a variety of backgrounds and you can always find the perfect colour to complement your chosen venue. What's more, it can also be dyed in vibrant and fluorescent colors, which is ideal if your fishing style requires you to watch your line carefully.

单丝线的第二个好处可以说也是它最大的缺点. 单丝鱼线是有弹性的,最具弹性的鱼线可以增加25%的长度. 这意味着这条线有很大的弹性, 所以它可以吸收攻击性的动作或箭步带来的冲击. For this reason, monofilaments line is an excellent choice for beginner or novice anglers when it comes to getting their hands back on their catch. Line stretching also means a delay in your hook set, which reduces the chance of getting snagged and losing your fish. 这是一个宽容的特性,对垂钓者初学者和专家都一样有用. 然而,这种可拉伸性既是一种优点,也是一种缺点. If you're fishing long distances, chances are you need your line to be very sensitive -- to give you a good idea of what's going on below the surface. 

The stretch in the monofilament line means you may not be aware of one (or close to it) until the fish has started running your bait. What's more, if you are fishing very close to the edge of the far end, a bouncy line will make it difficult to judge the cast distance and it may cause the cast to get lost in the leaves of the far end. If you're interested in precision fishing, you might consider a less elastic line type so you can be confident that your line can land the same distance as you over and over again. 单丝线还具有较高的记忆性. 这意味着它将保留一些外观的形状,即使它已经从卷轴上删除. 这并不总是消极的,但它是值得考虑的.

Monofilament lines have a large diameter to strength ratio, so if you are looking for a super powerful line to fight huge fish, then this is not the choice for you. However, if you have a lot of spools to fill and a limited budget, monofilament is a great choice. The increased diameter also means the line is more buoyant than other types of line, making it an excellent choice for surface fishing. 因为这种线条不像其他线条那样下沉得快, 这可能不是一个很好的选择. The memory of the line also means it is not suitable for fishing with a loose line, as it lacks the flexibility needed to attach to a water bed. On the plus side, it is a very grippy line, which means you won't slip on the reel. This makes it a good choice for backing off on less tricky line types, as it will not only make the spool bigger (so you have less fill), but it will also prevent your line from slipping on the spool. The grip of the line also makes it an excellent knotting line, and it provides superior knotting strength to most other types of line. 这是另一个对新手有用的因素, 谁会对自己的打结能力不那么自信呢.

最后,单丝线也具有很强的耐磨性. That's why this is a very good value for money option, as it's less likely to let you down because of wear and tear that needs to be replaced. 然而,单丝的主要缺点是它对紫外线的敏感性. When it has been exposed to UV for a long period of time and is severely weakened, because of this, it is recommended to buy new monofilament lines every New Year. It is also recommended that you store your rows, regardless of line type, in a dark environment - to prevent exposure to UV light. It is also a highly absorbent wire type, so its wet and dry characteristics vary a lot, too. What's another thing to consider when you compare wire type to break tension.

As you can see, fishing with monofilaments as the main line has many benefits, especially if you are a novice angler or an angler on a budget. 然而,这绝不是你唯一的线路选择. 

Fluorocarbon Line

Fluorocarbon fishing line is a newer type of fishing line that has become more popular in recent years as anglers have learned how to use it. 这条线最初是为了给垂钓者一个几乎看不见的线的选择,最终隐身垂钓.


氟碳化合物的折射率和水一样,所以它像液体一样弯曲光线. This means it disappears into the water, making it almost undetectable and a top choice for anglers fishing in clear waters or targeting skittish fish. 氟碳线的直径与强度比与单丝线相似. 这是因为,就像单丝一样,它是由单链构成的. However, unlike monofilament, you don't have to worry about your line becoming visible in the water when you increase the breaking tension (and therefore the diameter of the line)。, 因为氟碳的无形特性抵消了这一点. 这让你可以瞄准更大的鱼, 因为你可以增加你的断裂张力而不用担心被发现.

氟碳线的密度也明显高于单丝线. This means it sinks much faster than a monofilament line, so it's best to nail the bait to a lake or riverbed, even when using weightless setups. This makes fluorocarbons a very popular choice for fishing with bottom lures because of the combination of stealth and weight. This is a dense line because it has a tightly packed molecular structure, which in turn makes it unusually sensitive, and it does not provide the same stretch as monofilament lines. 

虽然氟还是有点弹性, 它明显更加敏感,因此更容易读取来自银行的温和信息. 这使它成为垂钓者远距离钓鱼的绝佳选择, 谁希望能够快速反应呢. This hardness also helps to ensure that you are more confident when setting the hook, when the movement of your rod and reel translates directly into line with little to no pay. However, this increased hardness generally makes this line less popular than monofilament line, as it is considered more difficult to handle on plaster - although experienced anglers are able to solve this problem without a problem.

氟碳也需要更多的知识,当它得到你的线结强度的最大限度. Wet rope is recommended for most fluorocarbon ropes to maximize the strength of the knot, although this may change the course of the line, so it's worth doing some research on the route you choose before jumping to shore. Unlike monofilament lines, fluorocarbons are waterproof, so do not absorb moisture - so the line strength remains the same whether wet or dry. It has significantly greater wear resistance than monofilaments and, as an added benefit, it is also less susceptible to UV damage.

In general, then, fluorocarbon wires and leads may require more finesse or finesse than conventional monofilaments. However, for the sake of anglers willing to put in the time, the rewards onshore can be very substantial - especially if you're targeting shy species that skittish easily.

Braided Line

As the name suggests, braided thread is the only kind of thread that does not rely on a single fiber or material. 相反,编织线是由多种纤维组成的,这些纤维已经成型和焊接在一起. Although it is often considered one of the most modern fishing lines, it is actually more similar to the first fishing lines used by early anglers centuries ago. However, it is fair to say that the line has developed and improved significantly since its early days, and braided lines have benefited from huge technological improvements in recent years.

What are the Benefits of Braid?

编织的多纤维结构确保这条线可以提供难以置信的强度与小直径. This is great when you're aiming for bigger or tougher fighting fish, as you can maintain a small (almost invisible) line while enjoying maximum breaking strain strength. These break strengths are measured in maximum pounds, with many lines ranging from 20 pounds, 30lbs braid to 50lbs plus. It is also a dense line type, and as a result, it sinks quickly in the water column, making it an excellent choice for fishing with bottom bait. 

One disadvantage of having a line with low diameter and high strength is that it takes a lot more line to fill a spool when you use the same kind of breaking tension (as opposed to monofilament or fluorocarbon wire)。. Since braid is also more expensive, this can make the hook (especially if you are an angler who uses three trays of line when fishing) more expensive. However, by filling the spool with monofilament wire, the overall cost can be reduced while also partially filling the spool. This has an added benefit, too, because the braided line lacks the grip of a monofilament, making it more prone to slipping on the reel. 用单丝支撑你的卷轴,用辫子填充, 你可以用辫子的力量体验单丝的抓力.

与单丝线不同,辫子没有记忆性,也没有弹性. This makes it a top choice for anglers who wish to cast long distances or fish tight features, as you can be sure you are accurately casting every time. The memory-free line also improves flexibility, too, which allows it to better embrace the contours of the lake -- ideal for slack line fishing. The downside of no-stretch fishing line is that it can make it harder for inexperienced anglers to use, as it has the potential to cause the hook to pull if you react too aggressively when setting the hook. However, provided you are a confident angler, you will find that the benefits of unstretched lines far outweigh the potential drawbacks.

编织线的耐磨性不如单丝或碳氟化合物, 这意味着它更容易在较短的时间内磨损. To combat this, many rod manufacturers are now producing rods with braided safety wires that reduce friction and wear on the line and maintain the life of the line. Both the color of the line and the strength of the knot were considered big disadvantages of early braids, but as technology has improved, these have become problems of the past, too.


Spinning wheels are very popular in some fishing disciplines, and picking the perfect fishing line for these spinning wheels depends on several factors. However, braided fishing line is designed to hook large fish without breaking, and it is very thin, making it light weight and highly sensitive to bites. 辫子线使铸造的行为感觉真正毫不费力.

If you want to catch big fish, especially large Crown 365 official App or carnivores, or you want to fish at a distance, the woven mainline is the perfect choice for you.


正如您已经注意到的,对于这三种行类型,有一些关键的东西需要注意. 第一个是断裂张力. The breaking tension gives you an idea of how much force you can apply before the line breaks, so the bigger the fish you want, the higher the breaking tension you need. You can manipulate the tension of the line by pairing it with different leads, but without setting the proper breaking tension for your angling, you will have a lot of lost fish. 


接下来要注意的是线的直径. As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the diameter of the line, the smaller the fracture strain. However, as discussed, braided wire can provide a higher breaking strain ratio at lower diameters than fluorocarbon or monofilaments mainline. 

The larger the diameter of the line, the greater the risk of being found by the fish, too, is another factor to keep in mind. 线路的延伸是另一个重要因素. As you'll have read, there are pros and cons to having an elastic or inelastic line - most of which depend on how far you are fishing and how sensitive you are to the line. 

The wear resistance of your line plays a big part in the life of your line, and the higher the wear resistance, the longer you'll be able to use your line without failing you when you need it most. 最后,要注意线条的灵活性. 一般来说,线越软,它的投射效果就越好,因为它不会保留线轴的记忆. 它也会更好地拥抱水面,使它成为钓鱼的理想选择.


许多人问鱼是否可以看到鱼线,这可能有助于吓跑鱼. 如果你想考虑跟踪方法,那么隐形的氟碳线或透明的单丝是走的路! Nevertheless, there are other colors available on the market, and green suits a range of in-water situations, but even the choice of red or pink fluorocarbons, although visible to anglers at the surface, is not visible deep in the water. 黄色单丝在浑水中也有类似的作用.

The braid is the most obvious of all line types because it is not translucent and there are more restrictions on the colors that can be chosen than, for example, monofilament. 为了解决这一问题,编织干线通常与氟碳化合物引线搭配使用. This gives you the best of both worlds, maintaining high fracture strain and sinking density, while also giving you the bonus of invisibility in a range of water types.

You may find it hard to pick a line and wonder what LB means in fishing line, or what pounds of fishing line should you use depending on your fishing style or training. 这些答案可以在皇冠官方手机App自己的生活中找到 Guide to Fishing Line and Braid found on the AD Blog.

How to Load Fishing Line


如果您想了解更多关于最适合您的钓鱼选择的钓鱼线的信息,请与皇冠官方手机App的客户服务团队联系,或者浏览皇冠官方手机App的垂钓直接博客,该博客以一系列关于产品的博客为特色, 与您钓鱼的提示和指南,从最佳粗钓鱼线评论的提示,如何使您的编织钓鱼线在散装线轴上持续.


Without a line that suits your style of fishing, you can't expect to increase your success rate and catch those elusive prey. Whether you’re looking for a carp fishing line 瞄准你最拿手的鱼,否则你就是在 predator line for the finesse of lure 移动,你可以放心皇冠官方手机App有你要的东西. Remember that lines can become tired over multiple seasons, especially those that are malleable and have memory, so it's important to change them regularly.

What Line Do I Need For Fishing?

There are 3 main types of fishing lines; monofilament, 氟碳和编织都有不同的重量和尺寸,这可能会影响它们的性能. 你对钓鱼线的选择取决于很多事情,比如你对鱼线的选择 bait 展示(从漂浮物到鱼饵), the water conditions, the species you are targeting, the reel you use, the colour of the line and more! for an in-depth look at all of these fishing line features and types of fishing line, diameter and colour are best for you, read our Fishing Line Buyers Guide over on the AD blog.

皇冠官方手机App的范围具有几十个线和线类型从世界上最重要的权威在该领域, 每一个都是由皇冠官方手机App的内部专家团队亲自挑选和批准的. 每个家喻户晓的名字都会出现,包括 Korda, X Line, Daiwa and so many more besides. 正确的路线真的能够并且将会在世界上产生巨大的影响, 皇冠官方手机AppThe goal is to stock only the best - whatever your choice, you are getting the highest quality value line the market can offer.

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