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This is Fishing Direct, The official mobile App of the CrownKnowing the right rod support system plays a very important role in your fishing success. No matter what your target fish is, you can't expect the best results without the best gear to make it happen. The official mobile App of the CrownProud to offer what is undoubtedly one of the largest and most comprehensive selection of pole supports available on the UK market today. Because each angler has their own unique preferences when it comes to various ways to ensure maximum rod stability, The official mobile App of the CrownA great deal of time has been spent assembling a huge range that includes hundreds of high-end products from the leading players in the field of phishing hardwareThe official mobile App of the Crown.

You can use this quick and easy guide to help you decide the perfect rod support setting for you - whether you want to use a single rod, a buzz bar, or a tripod. If you want one Stalk bean podYou might want to see itThe official mobile App of the CrownA classified page, but before you do that,The official mobile App of the CrownI suggest you first listen to the benefits of the bank stick setup. You never know, you might be changed!

Bank stick

The fishing rod has long been a sturdy one Crown 365 official App fishing rod Set and, although they were briefly in danger of being ousted in the 1990s with the invention of the pole pod, they remain the most popular way to support and position your pole on shore. The pros and cons of a long pole have been debated in the fishing community, soThe official mobile App of the CrownWant to put together the best arguments for and against them so that you know exactly what to expect when you invest in your first portfolio.

By far one of the biggest benefits of using a bank bar setup is its sturdiness. This is because, unlike a pole pod, you insert your bank pole directly into the bank, leaving no room for any movement during a strong wind or after a violent shot. You will find thatThe official mobile App of the CrownAll the bank rods in stock are pointed and you can just push them to the ground. However, some companies have gone a step further by adding a screw tip to the end of the bank rocker, rather than simply smoothly transitioning into a tip. This has the added benefit of allowing you to set on harder ground, for example, when the summer sun has baked the ground dry of moisture. Of course, you can use a small hammer or mallet with your smooth pointed bank stick - be careful though! Among the most ardent anglers, this is often considered poor form and may not make you many friends on shore!

Obviously, the only downside to using a fishing pole is when you're facing a wooden or concrete platform for fishing, when you can't get past a bank pole no matter how hard you try. This is becoming increasingly popular in commercial venues, where venue owners want to protect riverbanks, which is often the norm if you're targeting a canal or river. To solve this problem, some venues insert fixed points into the bank to place the poles, but this limits where you can fish. Most anglers agree that if you're deciding whether to use a rod or a rod boom, it's best to look at where you want to fish - or buy both to be prepared for a variety of situations.

Another area where many anglers agree is that shore rods are better than rod pods when you are trying to fish close to shore or you want to keep your rod scattered across the bank. With the pole pod set up, you are confined to a fixed area and you definitely can't go straight down to the edge of the bank. You can also more precisely Angle your rod with a single rod bank rod because you can move each rod support independently of the other. If you are an accurate angler, a single bank stick setup is most likely ideal for you. However, a potential downside to this is that if you do want a parallel setup, it may be more difficult to get all the bank sticks perfectly aligned. Some companies have come up with solutions for this, including inserting small levels of alcohol into bank sticks, but by far the most popular solution to this problem is the buzz bar (about itThe official mobile App of the CrownMore on that soon)。.

However, for most anglers, the main disadvantage of a long rod is its heavy weight. If you're fishing with a traditional three-rod, then you'll need six separate supports (one for each back and forth), which can take up space and add weight to your set of tackles. Once again, the Buzz bar is designed to solve this problem, as it reduces your card load to two. You will find some tackle companies making tackle out of carbon to reduce the weight of the gear. Not only that, but carbon bank rods are usually matte or glossy black, so they look the same as any modern oneThe official App of Crown 365The fishing gear is good. Bank bar purists will ignore the weight issue in favor of stainless steel bank bars. While heavier than carbon alternatives, these stainless steel options are incredibly wear resistant and a set that should see you through your entire fishing career.

The last thing to keep in mind when you're looking at bank rods is their length. Bank poles can be as short as 6 inches,It can also be as high as 34 inches - the height you choose depends on how far you want to drive your stick into the bank,And how far you want your rod and reel off the ground, You also need to take into account the compatibility of the bank rod with the rest head of the rod you choose, Although most breaks are universally compatible. Many bank rockers will offer adjustable extensions, so you can decide the height of the rod based on the conditions on the shore. Remember, you can mix and match heights and have an up or down setting. The final aspect to consider is aesthetics. Most bank poles are silver, but, in recent years, people have preferred black bank poles, which you can also find many in the fishing series.

The Buzz Bar

The buzz bar is a very useful addition to your bank rod setup. They allow you to enjoy a compromise between bank rods and rod pods as they give you the ability to fish with a goalpost setting. By screwing your buzz rod onto your bank rod, you can turn a six-rod setup into a two-rod setup and still be fishing with three rods. This is because the buzzer has three threads that can be screwed into your rod rest (more on these later), allowing you to pull three rods out of two. Just like the bank stick, it's worth remembering that you'll need to invest in two signal sticks, one for the front and one for the back setup.

Like bank sticks, buzzers come in a variety of sizes. The size of the buzz stick you choose depends on how far you want your rod to be. If you want a spaced setting, then you'll probably choose a longer set of buzz bars, but if you like fishing in a more compact manner, then you'll choose a shorter set of buzz bars! Just like the bank stick, you can mix and match lengths to create a figure eight or tighten the setting, depending on your needs. Some buzzers are adjustable, too, allowing you to decide the setting based on the conditions of your fishing. You can also choose from a two -, three - or four-shot buzzer. In general, three-rod fishing is the most popular - mainly because three-rod fishing inThe official App of Crown 365Bounds are very popular, but if you want to fish the goal posts and then put a separate rod on the edge, two-rod buzz sticks are also popular.

There was an argument Crown 365 official App fishing Community when it comes to whether message bars provide a stable setup. Some anglers consider it as stable as a single pole, while others consider it more stable than a pole pod, but not as stable as a traditional pole pod. One point of agreement, however, is whether the buzz bar has improved significantly since its original design. Initially, anglers had to contend with twisting and swinging barbells, but, for the most part, this was a problem of the past.

The information bar setup has two main benefits in both casesThe official mobile App of the CrownAll mentioned when discussing the disadvantages of fishing with a bank pole. First, the buzz bar ensures that you can quickly and easily implement a fully parallel setup. There's some debate about how important the parallel setup is to your fishing, but if you're worried about looking like part of the bank, then chances are good that this will play a big part in your decision. For anglers who want a parallel setup, a buzz bar can save a lot of time. The message bar also makes it easier to ensure that the level is set. The second benefit of the buzz bar is that it greatly reduces the weight of the rod support system. Instead of going into the water with six shore sticks, with vibrators, you only need two rockers and two vibrators. Even if you have an all-stainless steel setup, this still greatly reduces the weight of your load. This offers more compact transmission sizes, too, which are ideal for anglers who seek to consolidate their tackle collections.

Rest of rod

Whether you're using a message bar, single rod, or rod pod, one thing remains the same: You need rod rest. They come in the form of cups, grips or rests, and they provide you with a place to support the rod. You need two rod breaks for each setting, one for the butt end of your rod and one for the middle to tip part of your rod. They vary slightly in style from big spoon rest to V-shaped rest with sod to let your line run free. The style of rod rest you choose will usually depend on the Angle from which you are fishing (you may want a cup if you are fishing with a high tip) and whether your rod rest is in front or behind your rod. Rod breaks tend to be plastic, as these are gentle rods that do not cause damage and you should get a rip to take. However, you can find stainless steel cushions, these often have internal padding to protect your rod.

Ears of obstruction

Hanging ears and more Bite alarm Set up rod rest as they perform the same basic task (though doesn't give you a place to actually rest your rod). These are mainly to prevent your rod from jumping out of your support system when you are attacked. Black ears go through phases of being trendy or not, often depending on whether you see value in them. However, if you do suffer a growl and your ears do not sting, you may want to be prepared to chase the rod, as it will bounce back into the water!

Tripod and monpod

这是The official mobile App of the CrownThe last category in the collection of rod support systems. Designed to hold a single or double pole, tripods and monopods are most commonly used for sea fishing. They keep the tip of your rod high in the air so you can better keep your line out of the rolling waves. Some anglers also use a tripod when fishing in the river -- again, to keep the rod tip high and the line out of trouble on the shore.

Speaking of banking software, you'll see all the classic fishing names inThe official mobile App of the CrownA collection of - and someThe official mobile App of the CrownThe only focus of the bank equipment production. For example, the Cygnet (Cygnet) is a specialized manufacturer of rod support systems and accessoriesThe official mobile App of the CrownMake into a serrated shape Is there a leading stainless steel manufacturer nearby, too, inThe official mobile App of the CrownIn its collection, many stainless steel silver plates feature jagged names. 该The official mobile App of the CrownEven partner with other tackle companies, such as Koda, to produce high quality fishing hardware. If you are looking for tools to ensure that your world-class rod will hang your professional rig at the perfect depth, then you just have to lookThe official mobile App of the CrownA collection of rod support systems.

And more importantly, The official mobile App of the CrownSearch the UK market every day to make sureThe official mobile App of the CrownKeep your prices at the lowest level you can find, while promising to do something extra for your customers every time. The official mobile App of the CrownThe price tag, which you can find in the upper right corner of the product page, lets you know that the solution you are about to purchase has been verified as the best price on the market. The official mobile App of the CrownAnd has been using the world's most famousThe official mobile App of the CrownThe latest equipment is addedThe official mobile App of the CrownThe fishing tackle collection, so there's always a good reason to go back and see what's new.

With the right rod support and a little help from direct fishing your next timeThe official App of Crown 365You might catch the fish you've always dreamed of. If you have any questions, call the team today or discuss the kind of gear that can take your skills to the next level and beyond. For contact details and office hours, please visitThe official mobile App of the CrownOr you can use the store search tool to find the nearest fishing net. The official mobile App of the CrownAll shop assistants are avid anglers and can offer a wealth of experience.


If your Fishing rod With a sudden bite, you don't have to stand still and hold them for hours, as the pole support allows you to relax on the shore, knowing they are safe. 许多 The official App of Crown 365 而且 标本 Anglers use rod support systems to get the perfect setup where they can not only hold the rod securely, but hold it at the angler, which benefits your fishing tactics. For example, if you are in a weedy area, you can hold the rod a little higher with the help of a rod support to get the fish through the area.

What rod support do I need for fishing?

There are a range of rod support tools such as bank rod, butt control, Buzz bar, rod butt head, deer stand, bankstick stabilizer, ear clog and more. This selector rod support allows you to customize your own rod support system, disassembled in a compact form, as well as pre-constructed tripods and Stalk bean pod For anglers who don't have time to hang out on the shore. 

If you want to keep your fishing rod steady, Angling Direct has this product for you. The official mobile App of the CrownOnly rod support from the best suppliers from stock fishing tackle Korum, solar energy, Wychwood, 狐狸Etc., to ensureThe official mobile App of the CrownOur product range is not only comprehensive, but also of high quality.

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