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Considering the choice of form and function, we, here at Fishing Direct, are not personally assembledThe official mobile App of the CrownProfessional fishing bag series, and each product is stamped and approved, comprehensive. Having a big bag that can hold everything may be an angler's dream, but, in reality, it's completely impractical - neither to bring to shore nor to use after you've struggled down. The official mobile App of the CrownIt is believed that the right luggage can play a key role in the success of any angler and has the potential to transform your time at the bank. Arrive in style with a comfortable and convenient suitcase to get your fishing trip off to a smooth start, each time with a "greedyThe official App of Crown 365"Such a name, Ximano And Korum fishing luggage.

Rod carry-on travel bag

Rod holders are usually quite heavy liners and they are a great storage solution for fishing people who have a lot of gear. Fishing rod carriers will usually also have a number of handles and shoulder straps - including two smaller handles for easy maneuvering inside the car and longer shoulder straps. At fishing Tai, you can find a rod shaped tote bag for sale in many different sizes and usually, rod holders will specify the length of the fishing rod. 查看 Zhuang Shixian Specialized luggage, perfect for many barbed and specimen sticks.

Sleeve of rod

The rod sleeve is basically a paired down version Portable travel bag. Usually with reduced padding, a rod sleeve is often able to accommodate no more than one complete rod. These are ideal for professional anglers who like to pack light for the shore, but still want to make sure their rods are adequately protected.

Canvas bag

Backpacks are especially useful because they allow you to transport a lot of gear while still keeping your hands free. They are ideal for evening meetings in you bivvy A collection of cooking equipment, along with other items, is delivered to the bank when you want to change clothes. Long time anglers may use backpacks and trolleys to limit the number of trips they can make from their boots to shore.

Large passenger vehicle

Similar to backpacks, backpacks are mainly used for transportation 服装, rig storage systems, cooling bags, fishing tackle bags and other smaller luggage items. Unlike rucksacks, backpacks can be carried on either one shoulder or hand-held. This makes them most popular with long time anglers who want to hold a lot of gear.

Bait bags and cool bags

When storing professional barb bait, you'll need a comical fishing food bag to keep your sandwich cool for the long hours to come! You will find thatThe official mobile App of the CrownThere are a range of bait bags and cool bags to keep yours 诱饵 Fresh in memory.

Rig safe and accessory box

Safes and attachment boxes are some of the most important pieces of luggage for anglers who like to be organized near the shore. Your platform, floating point, leader, and other important accessories tend to be the smallest item item in your tool collection, and they can easily be lost or damaged if you throw them all into the bottom of your large backpack or carry-on bag. The range of Coda compac packages provides accessory cases to keep your drill bits all in order.

Disk case

Reels can be one of the most expensive tools you'll ever invest in, so it makes sense to store them in padded protective cases when they're not in use. This ensures that banks are in top shape every time you visit them.


It's fine to bring a dry net to the water's edge, but, after a long and successful meeting with your network to see a lot of action, you'll be clamoring to find a place to store it so it doesn't saturate your car boot with smelly river water or lake water.

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