Professional seat box accessories

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Some professional anglers were fishing seatbox Go to the bank not only as a seat but also to store some necessary fishing tackle on the shore. To get the most out of your seat box or fishing chair, you can add attachments to improve your specimen setup. Fishing chair accessories and chair accessories come in a choice of Korum feeder arms.

The arm of the feeder

The feed arm (feed rack) is designed to hold your specimen rod from your seat box or chair, allowing flexibility in using your feeders . These arms put your fishing rod in the water in the perfect position so you can enjoy hands-free fishing. Some feeder arms also allow you to change the Angle of your feeder rod so you can kick it through weeds and obstacles so you can make the most of your fishing in any situation.

In intensive swimming, you can't beat Fishing chair With the rod rest attached to its arm, support the upper part of the rod while relaxing or tying up more RIGS.

Protect your rod setup with these seat boxes or fishing chairs attached!

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